Canon x Nikon: "Shoot"

Copywriting, Art Direction: Mr. Smithee

Canon x Nikon are collaborating under the slogan “Choose wisely what we’ll shot with.


Please follow the presentation and the materials below.

You can read more about the process in the "Behind the Scenes" section at the bottom of this project.


Canon x Nikon: "Shoot" Campaign Presentation:

Stage 1 (Print ads):

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Stage 2 (Super Bowl Commercial):

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Watch a preview of the closing of the commercial:

Canon x Nikon: “Shoot” ("Choose wisely what we’ll shot with.")

Behind The Scenes

The Process:

I wanted to create a piece of cultural advertising. For months, this campaign was intended for one of these brands and I felt stuck. Then, along the way of developing it, it hit me. A single company will not benefit from this campaign. It's bigger than a brand to use such a cultural and political debate in a provocative manner. There was a need for another force to enter the field and what a better force to do so than it's main competitor. Prefect.

The work started with reading a lot of material about firearms and gun control as opinion essays, articles and comments were used as inspiration for the campaign.

A strategic planner for McCann has given his opinion in the very early stages of this project, a positive review and input that made me develop it into a finished concept for this portfolio.

The Ads:

  • The teaser line “FIND OUT MORE THIS SUPER BOWL.” was specifically designed to look like the serial number engraved on guns, with the font picked being a common choice for guns.

  • While looking at pictures of guns I quickly realized that the exterior of those weapons looks a lot like an exterior finish of a camera. Seconds later I snapped a macro shot of the back of my camera. That became the background of the print ads for the first stage of this campaign.

The Commercial:

  • The sound of shooting in the concept video for the commercial was mixed from sounds of guns and high-speed camera shutters.

  • The transition to white after the shooting is symbolic. White can symbolize both ‘death’ and ‘pure’. In between gun-violence and gun-control.

  • The choice for the song that plays at the end of the commercial - Pumped up Kicks by Foster The People: The lyrics to "Pumped Up Kicks" are written from the perspective of a troubled and delusional youth with homicidal thoughts.The lines in the chorus warn potential victims to "outrun my gun" and that they "better run, better run, faster than my bullet".In writing the song, Foster wanted to "get inside the head of an isolated, psychotic kid" and "bring awareness" to the issue of gun violence among youth, which he feels is an epidemic perpetuated by "lack of family, lack of love, and isolation.” (from: Wikipedia)